SURVAC™ Suction Catheter

SURVAC™ Suction Catheter

atraumatic rounded bronchoscopy suction catheters

  • Atraumatic tip
  • Kink-resistant material
  • Transparent for better visibility

The larger PC catheters (3 × 4 mm) are particularly suitable for axial suctioning of large tumour fragments and for suctioning larger quantities in emergencies. Also available in PTFE for even greater flexibility.

Ordering Information

REFDescriptionDiameter (mm)Working length [cm]ConnectorItems
per box
77622Survac™ PTFE2,03,060female, PVC50
77632Survac™ PC2,02,760
77642Survac™ PC3,04,060
77642SCSurvac™ PC3,04,030