Fully individualized Silicone Airway Stent

— a new approach

In cases of complex anatomy of the airways, common stent shapes may not fit or fix a patient's specific problem. Together with researchers from the Pulmonology department at Toulouse University Hospital, France, AnatomikModeling has successfully developed customized stents that are identical to the patient's trachea and/or bronchi.

First results from a clinical trial with this new generation of stents have been published in one of the most prestigious international pneumology journals, the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.1

1Guibert N., Didier A., Moreno B., Mhanna L., Brouchet L., Plat G., Hermant C., Mazieres J. Treatment of post transplant complex airway stenosis with a three-dimensional, computer-assisted customized airway stent. – Am. J. Respir. Crit. Care Med. 2017.

Complete expert service

In difficult cases where standard stents are not suitable, our experts are at the physician’s disposal to discuss, assist and find an individualized stenting solution. There is no need for the physician to operate a design software. NOVATECH® 3D customized stents are entirely designed and manufactured by our engineers, based on the patient's CT data. A detailed description of the case will help to precisely identify the requirements.

Steps in creating a NOVATECH® 3D stent

CT Data

The patient's CT data is the starting point for creating a NOVATECH® 3D stent.
In difficult cases where standard stents are not suitable, our experts are at the physician’s disposal to discuss, assist and find an individualized stenting solution. Based on CT-scan images of the patient’s airways, provided by the physician via server upload or data carrier, a virtual 3D reconstruction of the patient’s airways is produced. In addition, a detailed description of the case will help to precisely identify the requirements for the custom stent. 

Design proposal

Based on the CT data, engineers create a stent design proposal.
By means of the  volumetric image of the affected airway region, the physician defines a perfectly fitting silicone stent. A stent is virtually designed, exactly adapted to the patient's anatomy. The physician receives an interactive 3D-pdf with the proposed stent-design via e-mail or download.

Review and approval

An interactive 3D-pdf allows in-depth analysis of the proposed stent design.
The interactive 3D-pdf serves as an analysis tool for the physician. It vizualizes the patients anatomy and shows the proposed stent inside the patient's anatomy. By allowing to view the stent from all perspectives and to measure distances and wall thicknesses, the physician can make an informed decision on the suitability of the stent design. Once the stent design is final, the physician submits his approval for manufacturing the Novatech® 3D stent.

Stent fabrication

After the physician’s approval, the design is used to manufacture the actual NOVATECH® 3D stent out of transparent silicone - in the familiar high quality of Novatech stents.

Stent fabrication
NOVATECH® 3D stents


Successful implantation of a NOVATECH® 3D stent in a patient suffering from
bronchomalacia in the right bronchus.

Images kindly provided by
PD Dr. Daniel Franzen, Zurich.

Proven features – and a multitude of options

Individualization of an airway stent comes along with a multitude of stent design options that can be realized. Thanks to Novatech's decades long experience in stent manufacturing, the individual NOVATECH® 3D stent combines this versatility with the proven Novatech quality - featuring the advantages of the renowned NOVATECH® GSS™


Shapes and Angles
NOVATECH® 3D stents can be realized in almost any requested shape.

Its wallthickness can be defined according to the physician's indications, variably along the stent contour.

Long term implantable silicone
NOVATECH® 3D are made of the same high quality silicone as NOVATECH® GSS™.

NOVATECH® 3D optionally feature studs to prevent stent migration. The position of the studs is fully variable.

Studs can be filled with gold and/or barium sulphate allowing X-ray visibility. X-ray markers can also be integrated into the stent wall.

Anti-Adherent surface
A special silicone-based surface treatment provides an anti-adherent surface that reduces obstruction risks.

NOVATECH® 3D are manufacured and packaged under clean room conditions and come sterile.

Usually, it will be possible to load the NOVATECH® 3D stent into the TONN™ NOVATECH® Stent Applicator. Optionally, a second specimen of the stent can be manufactured for testing previous to placement.


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NOVATECH and AnatomikModeling

Anatomik Modeling

 – Partners in Innovation

AnatomikModeling is the result of 10 years of research and development in collaboration with Rangueil University Hospital and Larrey Hospital in Toulouse, France. Its particularly innovative technology of computer-aided design (CAD) enables the creation of personalized 3D implants.

AnatomikModeling continuously researches for innovative solutions to specific pathologies, using 3D technologies. Partnering with Novatech means the combination of high-end 3D-technology with profound expertise in pulmonology and manufacturing of silicone airway stents. The result is the NOVATECH® 3D stent — precisely adapted to the patient’s individual anatomy, with the proven quality of a Novatech silicone stent.

Interview with Pr Guibert about his 3D ‘Double-bifurcated’ airway stent publication (Thorax Journal)