Well conceptualized down to the smallest detail

NOVATECH® GSS™ — X-ray visibility plus transparency

X-ray visibility plus transparency

Studs on the outer surface of the stents are filled with gold and barium sulphate. This combines a good positional assessment of the stent during imaging with an optimised endoscopic view of the tissue.

NOVATECH® GSS™ — Anti-migration studs

Anti-migration studs

The studs minimise the risk of migration by securing the stent between the cartilage rings of the tracheobronchial tree.

NOVATECH® GSS™ — Easy placement

Easy placement

DUMON® stents can be easily loaded into the TONN™ NOVATECH® Stent Applicator. In this way they are prepared for release at their target by the rigid bronchoscope. Do you need any information about the instrumentation? Contact us!

NOVATECH® GSS™ — Anti-adherent surface

Anti-adherent surface

A special silicone-based surface treatment provides an anti-adherent surface that reduces any risk of obstruction.

NOVATECH® GSS™ — Safe removal

Safe removal

DUMON® stents can be retrieved and removed using forceps during a rigid bronchoscopy.

NOVATECH® GSS™ — Bevelled ends

Bevelled ends

To facilitate the transport of secretions, the ends of the DUMON® stents are atraumatically bevelled.